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Better Living Through Science: the Amazing Technology Behind the Latest Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

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New Generation Hearing Centers is excited to announce that we now carry Oticon Opn™ hearing aids.


These incredible devices have recently received prestigious awards in two different categories – Tech for a Better World and Wearable Technologies – at the 2017 CES Innovation Awards in Las Vegas. That’s because Oticon Opn hearing aids contain groundbreaking features that are truly changing the landscape of hearing aid technology. Read on to get a taste of what these small, but powerful devices can really do.



Perhaps the coolest feature of the Oticon Opn line of hearing aids is their connectivity. They are the world’s first hearing aids that are WiFi-enabled and Bluetooth capable, allowing them to connect directly to the internet. Using the Oticon ON app – which can be downloaded to your smartphone – you can connect your hearing aid to any smart device, including laptops, TVs, phones, and even smoke detectors, doorbells or alarm clocks.
This means that you can stream sound directly from your devices into your ears. Want to watch a movie or listen to an album? No problem. Want to make sure you don’t miss your alarm in the morning, forget a calendar appointment, or fail to notice that your phone battery is low? The Oticon ON app capatible with the Oticon Opn allows you to set audio notifications for all of those things, which can be sent directly to your in-ear device, ensuring that you’ll always hear them.


Next Level Performance

Hey, connectivity isn’t everything. Maybe you’re a not a very tech-savvy person, and you just want a great hearing aid. The Oticon Opn is still a fantastic choice. It delivers several performance features you can’t find anywhere else.
For instance, traditional hearing aids pick up on only one sound – like someone talking – and suppress other sounds, in order to help you focus on what you want to hear. This has the disadvantage of canceling out environmental sounds you might actually want to hear, like background music or traffic noise. Oticon’s groundbreaking Multiple Speaker Access Technology (MSAT) uses multiple speakers to deliver access to a complete, 360-degree range of hearing.

However that doesn’t mean you’ll be drowned in noise. The technology is sufficiently advanced to automatically detect and analyze different sounds, even in noisy environments, to help figure out what you might like to hear. It can reduce noise even between words when you’re having a conversation, and provide you with a balanced hearing experience.

The Opn line also has the fastest processing speed of any hearing aid available. That means it picks up and cancels noise faster than other hearing aids in the market.


Expanded Hearing Support

 What if you have more serious hearing loss than the average person? The Oticon Opn family of hearing aids actually comes in three different models: Opn 1, Opn 2, and Opn 3. These three models represent different performance levels, suitable for different levels of hearing loss, for a personalized experience. They can be fitted up to 105 dB of hearing loss, meaning that even people with severe or profound hearing loss can experience the benefits from these forward-thinking devices.

The Oticon Opn hearing aids are now available at New Generation Hearing Centers. To find out more information about the Oticon Opn line, visit us at miamihearingaids.com or give us a call today at 305-551-7222.

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Start the New Year with New Ears: Why be left out of the conversation?

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Hearing is so essential to enjoying our everyday lives. Without it, conversations are awkward, music is dull and the laughter at family gatherings is muffled.

You may have noticed some of the above symptoms of hearing loss at your family gatherings over the holidays. Perhaps you found it difficult to make out what a grandchild was saying to you at Thanksgiving dinner, or you had to frequently ask people to repeat themselves. It can be as frustrating for our families and friends as it can be for those of us with hearing loss.

Why leave yourself out of the conversation? You don’t have to go through life hearing as if you have a set of earmuffs on your ears. Here are some reasons to finally get that hearing aid you’ve been putting off so long:

  1. Improved family life. Gael Hannan at Hearing Health Matters said one of the top reasons to get good hearing aids is to improve your family life. She said, “Relatives and friends will start listening to you again when it’s clear that you’re now hearing them. It’s not a person’s hearing loss that irritates family members, but the unwillingness to admit their loss and do something about it.”In addition, Hannan said your social life will improve when you get good hearing aids. “You’ll be able to converse better in noisy situations,” she said. Crowded gatherings of family and friends often produce a din of conversation and noise that can make it extra difficult for those of us with hearing loss to zero in on what someone is saying to us. A good set of hearing aids will remove that issue.

    One source said your spouse will be relieved that he or she doesn’t have to serve as your interpreter anymore, and grandkids won’t have to put up with you saying “What?” hundreds of times.

  2. Be fully engaged in life, everywhere. This piece from the New York Times said hearing-impaired patients would often live with hearing loss for seven to 10 years before seeing an audiologist and getting hearing aids. The article quoted Dr. Linda S. Remensnyder, who said, “The Number One thing I get from patients is ‘I hear what I want to hear.’ What they don’t understand is that in order to be fully engaged in life, you have to be fully engaged everywhere.”Good hearing can help us be more engaged in life, whether we’re paying for groceries, ordering food at a restaurant, or playing with our grandchildren. Dr. Eric Hagberg was quoted in the same NYT article, where he said, “I tell patients who deny they have a problem, even after testing, to go home and pay attention to every time they say, ‘What?’ or they miss the punchline on TV or ask people to repeat something. They usually come back in a week,” at which point, he said, they’re ready for a hearing aid. They realize they are not fully engaged in life.
  3. Improved memory — and hearing — retention. For years, researchers have studied the link between hearing loss and dementia. This study examined the relationship and found that hearing loss is independently associated with incident all-cause dementia. It said further study was warranted to determine whether hearing loss is a marker for early-stage dementia or is a modifiable risk factor. The New York Times article linked above said with severe hearing loss, the risk of dementia can be five times as high.Beyond that, the NYT article said those who delay getting hearing aids may be making it worse on themselves. This goes along with the “If you don’t use it, you lose it” idea, according to one doctor the Times That doctor related the case of a nurse who, at age 90, has lived alone without auditory stimulation for years. “She doesn’t understand 50% of the words, and I can’t reverse that now,” the doctor said.
  4. Improved balance. Our quality of life is improved by our ability to stay mobile. But according to a study quoted by The Daily Mail, even mild hearing loss can result in a threefold increased risk of falling. The article said researchers suggested the brain may not be able to focus on balance and taking steady steps when it is struggling with hearing.The study reportedly said those with a 25-decibel hearing loss — classified as “mild” — were nearly three times more likely to have a medical history of falling, and every 10-decibel loss after that point increased by 1.4 times the likelihood of falling. The findings reportedly held true regardless of race, gender, age and other demographic information.

    Improved hearing could improve our ability to be mobile and confident in our movements, which has health benefits in addition to the social benefits of being more active with our family and friends.

If you’ve noticed you’re having difficulty hearing, don’t put off hearing aids another year. Make 2017 the year you get your New Ears for the New Year.

Image Source: National Institutes of Health

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Caring For Your Hearing Aid

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Today, hearing aids have become exceptionally important for the long-term care and wellbeing of many people. However, one problem with hearing aids is that people who have them seem to believe that the hearing aid does not need any cleaning or management. To make sure that they last the distance, though, you need to be able to take care of your ears as much as the actual aid itself – this means keeping your ear buds nice and clean to avoid a build-up and eventually stopping the product from working the way that it is supposed to.

The ear bud of the hearing aid will sit in your ear and over time it will start to accumulate a lovely build-up of ear wax! Eventually this causes significant clogging and will eventually start to hamper the quality of the actual aid that you are getting in the first place. To avoid this, you need to be able to keep your ears clean before using the aid – without it, your regular cleaning sessions on the aid itself from a health professional will not be as effective. The cleanliness of your ears in this position is every bit as important as the aid itself.

What to Use

Various cleaning tools exist out there that you can make the most of, including a wax brush or a wax pick. They can easily rip through the excess wax and make it nice and easy to clear the static noise that builds up thanks to the wax interfering with the signal. By doing this, you make sure that your ear buds will stay nice and clear and you’ll remove any of the excess which builds up.

You can clean the earholes of the hearing aid itself by using a soft, dry cloth. This will remove body oils and wax that may have built up over the course of the day, and this will make a big difference to the quality of the hearing that you get

If you still cannot hear properly try looking for any blockages within the mild. Ou will find that h hearing aid tends to have a wax build-up within its tubing, which can be emptied out by using warm – not hot – water. Simply run some hot water over the mild ONLY – not the aid itself – and this should rinse through the tubing and remove the most of the problems that you are facing.

Leave it out to dry overnight and then re-connect it in the morning and you should find that you have a much better quality of hearing. However, try and look out for any disgusting smells emanating from the cleaning process; this could be the sign that you have an outer ear infection which will need to be checked out.

Whatever you decide to do, you will find that using ear aids is made much easier if you stay on top of the cleaning process.

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Hearing Loss Innovation: Phonac Virto V Hearing Aid

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You want people to notice your humor or your uniqueness. But sometimes, a hearing aid could be what makes you stand out. Finally, with the Phonak Virto V hearing aid, you can take back your life. The Virto V hearing device is crafted to fit perfectly into your ear canal, while providing maximum comfort. Its compact size makes it ideal for everyday needs. You’ll enjoy wearing the innovative hearing device so much that you won’t even realize it’s in your ear.

Traditional hearing aids can cause insecure feelings because of their appearance, but the Virto V is designed to be as discreet as possible with five shades of skin tones to effortlessly blend in. Beyond the appearance, the hearing loss device comes in various models that cater to your specific auditory needs. The six models of Phonak Virto V hearing aid available reflect various degrees of hearing loss. However, before you commit to one, it is important to consult a hearing care professional on which model is suitable one for your specific hearing loss needs.

Another benefit of the Phonak Virto-V hearing aid is the fact that they are totally customizable. For the faceplate you can choose from various options like black, brown, pink, cocoa brown and tan.  Similarly, for the shell the colors are blue, white, brown, tan, cocoa brown, pink and red.

With the Virto-V, it’s not just about the looks, because the hearing device is packed with innovative new technology! The Phonak Virto V hearing aid contains state-of-the-art technology that provides the highest of audio quality. The aids automatically adjust to your environment using AutoSense OS and Binaural VoiceStream Technology which effectively sends speech from one ear to the other to adjust hearing even in the loudest of situations. Phonak also wants you to stay connected. Among the various choices of models, many are compatible with wireless accessories. With these devices you can receive phone calls, enjoy your favorite TV show or even listen to your favorite music. With its excellent performance and ultimate comfort, the Phonak Virto V hearing aid provides an exceptional listening experience designed specifically for you.

Phonac Virto V Hearing AidImage Via Phonac Virto V

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Hearing Device Innovation – The Lyric Hearing Aid

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There’s an epidemic that’s on the rise. No, we’re not talking about hearing loss. We’re talking about something that’s even more crippling known as hearing loss stigma. You see, it’s a well-known fact that 38 million Americans suffers from hearing loss that is classified as disabling. But beyond these numbers, there are an estimated 15 million citizens that avoid seeking help for their hearing impairment! If that’s not shocking enough, consider that the average person waits approximately 7 years before searching for hearing help.

So, why not just seek the care that they require? To begin with, some hearing loss procedures, like cochlear implants, require surgery, which can be off-putting for many. Others worry that hearing devices are too high-maintenance, requiring extra steps in the rain or at bedtime, amongst other cases. Not to mention, many people fear that wearing a hearing aid isn’t visually appealing and will lead to awkward stares. As a result, they simply choose to ignore their impairment. But now, they won’t have to, thanks to an innovative new hearing device.

Hearing loss stigma…meet the Lyric hearing aid! Built by a team of board certified audiologists, physicians and engineers, the Lyric focuses on 3 simple philosophies to match its simple design.  

Superior Hearing Quality
The Lyric hearing aid utilizes the natural anatomy of your ear to provide a better hearing experience. The device is placed deep in the ear canal to direct sounds through the aid, which, in turn amplifies the incoming sounds to the eardrum. In fact, the makeup of the device is so advanced that it helps improve directionality and localization, allowing users to be able to better determine where sounds originate. Aside from that, the Lyric is customizable with the different types of hearing and even has a programmable sound system that makes it work seamlessly at theaters, concerts and with headphones. Still not convinced? Consider that 86% of Lyric users agree that the sound quality feels completely natural!

Completely Invisible
One of the most appealing benefits of the Lyric hearing aid is that it is entirely invisible. By being placed deep in the ear canal, no one will have the slightest clue that you’re wearing some of the most advanced hearing technology. Gone are the days of having to worry that people will treat you differently or stare because of your hearing device.

No Hassle
The Lyric has made it possible to completely streamline the process of receiving a hearing aid. From start to finish, the Lyric is so effortless that you’ll barely know it’s there. Using its innovative biocompatible soft foam seals, the device easily forms to fit your ear and requires no surgery whatsoever! The design also protects against the buildup of moisture and earwax. More importantly, your device can be worn at all hours of the day! That’s 24 hours, 7 days a week and for months at a time because of it’s sophisticated battery technology. You’ll no longer have to worry about hearing loss affecting your daily life since the Lyric can be used while showering, sleeping and even while exercising.

At New Generation Hearing Center, we’re pleased to announce that we now carry the Lyric hearing aid. Tackle your hearing loss and make an appointment today!

Lyric Hearing Aid[Image courtesy of Lyric Hearing]

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