Hearing Impaired 2-Year-Old Boy Joyful After Receiving Hearing Aid

Posted on July 19, 2016. Filed under: news |

When people talk about hearing aids, they often envision elderly people grumpily fiddling with devices in their ears. The stereotype can be so strong that some older adults avoid getting the hearing help they need because they don’t want to be perceived in this way. But here’s a story that can serve to remind us that these stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. Hearing impairment can strike anyone.

Including 2-year-old Kaiden Orantes.

The little boy was recently diagnosed with progressive hearing loss. His mother, Caitlin Orantes, said that his hearing was fine at birth, but gradually deteriorated to the point that by his second birthday, he wasn’t responding to his own name. Doctors aren’t sure what caused the hearing loss, and a diagnosis of progressive hearing loss means that his hearing will continue to deteriorate as time goes on.

Right now, Kaiden is completely deaf in his right ear and is partially deaf in his left ear. His doctors weren’t optimistic about the chances of restoring any of his hearing, but his mother pushed for a children’s hearing aid. Children’s hearing aids are typically the behind-the-ear type, and small enough that infants as young as 4 weeks old can be fitted with one.

Now the New Jersey toddler is internet famous, after his mother released a video online of Kaiden’s priceless reaction to having his new hearing aid switched on. Kaiden breaks into an excited (and adorable) dance of joy at the sound of his mother’s voice.

His mother says the 2-year-old has always been interested in music, even while he could not hear it. Since the installation of his new hearing aid, Kaiden has been playing with toy guitars and is happy to finally hear the music he has been making.




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