Why School Hearing Tests Are Important

Posted on May 31, 2016. Filed under: hearing health |

School hearing tests

Penn State

While many parents may find school hearing exams on their children pointless, they are actually a really important barometer of health. If your child has an issue with his or her hearing, it may not be immediately noticeable in the home (for example, if your child has unilateral hearing loss versus bilateral) so it’s important to have a professional periodically check their hearing, even if nothing appears to be wrong. Especially since passing schools screenings once doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. Some common hearing defects can be present at birth without being noticed and others can develop with time due to listening to loud music or because of other external factors.

Early detection in hearing loss is so important to a child’s schooling and overall development, as even a partial difficulty in hearing can affect your child’s speech and language development. It can delay their reading, spelling, problem-solving, and math skills, as well as lower grades than they would have otherwise scored in IQ exams.

This is not to mention the possible social effects your child may be feeling as a result of hearing loss (even if it’s only a small difference in their hearing) like feelings of isolation, embarrassment, hard time participating in group activities, and lower social maturity than their classmates. No parent wants their child to suffer this way and it’s sad that things like as simple as a skipped hearing screening can lead to something like this being missed.

We’d also like to emphasize that a hearing screening at school is nothing to worry about. The school exam itself is easy enough; all your child will need to do is raise their hand as they hear different sounds in either ear. The tester will explain it thoroughly to your child and it will only take a few minutes out of their school day.

Plus, not passing a screening and getting a referral for a full hearing examination does not mean that there is a significant problem, it just means that the audiologist wants to get a more in depth look at your child’s ears. If there is an issue, they’ll then go from there to help determine whether it could be one of the 4 different kinds of hearing loss. With the current technology no available there are many options that will help your child hear better without making him or her feel uncomfortable.

So, now that you know a few things about school hearing tests, do you feel at ease? Don’t be afraid if your child didn’t pass the test. If you live in Miami, FL we at New Generation Hearing Centers can personally see to your child’s next examination. Plus, we offer free consultations! Check out or contact page for more information. We’ll see you soon.


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