Hearing Aid Myths You Want To Block Out

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Over the years, the opinion – professional and personal – of hearing aids has changed quite dramatically. One week they sound like a must-have for anyone with hearing issues, the next you can find some horrible story that relates to a fault or a problem. However, this constant wariness of a new technology means that many people simply miss out on the help that they could be receiving thanks to the creation of what turns out to be nothing more than a myth.

With the help of hearing aid myth busting below, you can work out if going for a hearing aid is something that you should be doing.

Buying Online is Cheaper and Easier!

This particular myth has existed for some time now, and points to an incorrect belief that simply buying a hearing aid on your own from the web is easier and cheaper than going to a medical professional and seeking aid. This is not true, as you’ll miss out on the vital evaluations and assistance in making sure you can get the hearing aid to work – you also cannot get the repairs which may be needed later on down the line.

Two Aids are not needed!

Another silly myth, two hearing aids are most definitely needed for the right kind of person. If your ears are both damaged and have limited hearing, then you are obviously going to struggle to hear what you are doing! Two aids are needed if you have damage in both ears. If you have damage in just one ear, then only one is needed.

Hearing Aids Fix your Hearing

This damaging myth makes people believe that six months or a few years of wearing an aid will make your hearing come back to life – as good as new! Sadly, the human body does not work with this. There is no cure for hearing loss; this merely acts as an amplification of what you need, which will improve your overall hearing and your listening in general.

Invisible Aids are Best

The last of our myths comes from the fact that many people believe that the see-through or “invisible” aids are the best. There are various forms and each kind comes personally to you – this myth comes from personal choice, not any particular facts. The hearing aid a friend or colleague uses may be totally unsuited to your needs.

As you can see, the world of hearing aids is one which needs you to do your own due diligence and learning – if you are ever confused about your ears or your aids, go and see a professional who can set you right.


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