Hearing Loss Innovation: Phonac Virto V Hearing Aid

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You want people to notice your humor or your uniqueness. But sometimes, a hearing aid could be what makes you stand out. Finally, with the Phonak Virto V hearing aid, you can take back your life. The Virto V hearing device is crafted to fit perfectly into your ear canal, while providing maximum comfort. Its compact size makes it ideal for everyday needs. You’ll enjoy wearing the innovative hearing device so much that you won’t even realize it’s in your ear.

Traditional hearing aids can cause insecure feelings because of their appearance, but the Virto V is designed to be as discreet as possible with five shades of skin tones to effortlessly blend in. Beyond the appearance, the hearing loss device comes in various models that cater to your specific auditory needs. The six models of Phonak Virto V hearing aid available reflect various degrees of hearing loss. However, before you commit to one, it is important to consult a hearing care professional on which model is suitable one for your specific hearing loss needs.

Another benefit of the Phonak Virto-V hearing aid is the fact that they are totally customizable. For the faceplate you can choose from various options like black, brown, pink, cocoa brown and tan.  Similarly, for the shell the colors are blue, white, brown, tan, cocoa brown, pink and red.

With the Virto-V, it’s not just about the looks, because the hearing device is packed with innovative new technology! The Phonak Virto V hearing aid contains state-of-the-art technology that provides the highest of audio quality. The aids automatically adjust to your environment using AutoSense OS and Binaural VoiceStream Technology which effectively sends speech from one ear to the other to adjust hearing even in the loudest of situations. Phonak also wants you to stay connected. Among the various choices of models, many are compatible with wireless accessories. With these devices you can receive phone calls, enjoy your favorite TV show or even listen to your favorite music. With its excellent performance and ultimate comfort, the Phonak Virto V hearing aid provides an exceptional listening experience designed specifically for you.

Phonac Virto V Hearing AidImage Via Phonac Virto V


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