4 Things You Didn’t Know About Hearing Loss

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1. Healthy Heart, Healthy Hearing

 Living a happy, healthy lifestyle can extend to areas you didn’t think were possible. In fact, studies show that not only does being healthy promote longevity, but it can have a major impact on hearing health, as well. That’s why a healthy heart can help reduce the risk of hearing loss. As we already know, inadequate blood flow and irreversible trauma that occurs within the inner ear blood vessels can result in significant hearing loss. But a healthy cardiovascular system can help increase blood flow and therein reduce the risk of hearing loss.

 2. Hearing Loss is Linked to Obesity

 Not only does leading an unhealthy lifestyle increase your chance dangerous diseases, but it can also lead to permanent hearing loss. Above average weight gain adds mass to the human body, that extra weight subsequently puts a strain on the bodies capillaries, hindering the flow of oxygen to cells. One of those important, oxygen-deprived cells includes the vital cells within the ear that help decode sounds and let your brain know what you’re hearing. Unfortunately, once these cells are damaged because of trauma or other complications, they cannot be repaired, leading to hearing loss.

 3. Hearing Loss Doesn’t Only Affect The Elderly

 Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss isn’t an impairment that affects those that are older. In fact, with younger generations constantly listening to loud music through their headphones, these numbers are steadily rising in younger demographics. Besides this fact, there are many children that suffer from hearing loss, which goes untreated, later compounding the issue. An estimated 30 school children out of every 1,000 are reported to suffering from hearing loss.

 4. Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Mental Health

In recent years, as hearing loss numbers continue to increase, startling connections have been made with declining mental health as a result. Although that connection is rather blurred at the time, there is a direct correlation between hearing loss and moderate to severe depression, among other mental health issues. To put this into context, consider that on average 5% of adults without hearing impairment are at risk for depression. But for those with hearing issues, 11% are at risk to develop depression.

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