Hearing Loss Hope, Clinton Conquers

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Nearly 48 million adults in America suffer from hearing loss. That’s about 20% of the entire adult population. Hearing loss is not specific to who it affects; anyone can be a victim of hearing loss. In fact, one of our respected presidents, Bill Clinton has to cope with hearing loss.

Before Bill Clinton was our 42nd President of the United States, he really enjoyed rock music. Much like a lot of rock music today, there is a lot loud spurts of music, banging and screaming. President Clinton would listen to the music frequently, not realizing that it could be harmful to his ears. Clinton also enjoyed hunting a lot. The sound levels released from a hunting rifle can exceed 150 decibels. Sounds this high can cause immediate and permanent damage to your ears. To put things into perspective, a typical conversation occurs around 60 decibels. Anything over 85 decibels can be harmful to your ears if you are exposed to the sound longer than a recommended amount of time. Unfortunately, President Clinton was exposed to loud sounds longer than he should have been.

Bill Clinton was completing an annual physical during the beginning of his second term as the President in 1997 when he was diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss. High frequency hearing loss can affect someone’s ability to understand speech. It was that day that President Clinton was fitted for completely in-canal hearing aids. Research shows that only one in every seven that are affected from hearing loss actually use a hearing aid. President Clinton is the one out of seven that cares about his health and his future performance. The President’s willingness to take care of himself while in office sparked a positive change in how people saw hearing aids.

President Bill Clinton did not let the loss of hearing stop him from completing his job. He completed his entire second term as president and ensured that America was in good hands. To this day, Bill Clinton still uses his hearing aids because he realizes the importance of his health and his hearing. He is a great example of how a loss of hearing should not stop your progress and success.

Bill Clinton [Image courtesy of History]


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