Your Hearing Health Can’t Wait

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Impaired hearing and loss of hearing effects more areas of people’s lives than one would think. Not only does loss of hearing effect the day-to-day lives of these individuals, but it also effects their social, emotional, psychological and physical functions.

Unfortunately many people wait to purchase hearing aids after their quality of life has significantly deteriorated. Approximately half of all people with hearing loss are below the age of 55, however the average age of people that have hearing aids is about 70 years of age. People justify their delay in purchasing hearing aids with excuses such as: “My hearing loss isn’t that bad; I don’t need a hearing aid yet; I’ll just wait until I absolutely need a hearing aid.” People delay getting early treatment for their hearing loss because they are unaware of the life-altering benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Earning power
  • Communication in relationships
  • Intimacy and warmth in family relationships
  • Ease in communication
  • Emotional stability
  • Sense of control over life events
  • Perception of mental functioning
  • Physical health
  • Group social participation

All of these benefits are equally important and interconnected. Hearing aids improve speech intelligibility, which in turn leads to better communication skills. Improved communication skills lead to better relationships. Communication is essential to group-socialization and those who participate in group-socialization are less likely to feel isolated and/or withdraw from the opportunity to socialize. This in turn leads to emotional stability.

Why wait? Hearing aids have so many benefits. The sooner you address your hearing impairment/loss, the better.images

image courtesy of: Utah Hearing Aids



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