Hearing Tips in Time for National Save Your Hearing Day

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In Lieu of National Save Your Hearing Day

If you weren’t aware, yesterday, May 31st was National Save Your Hearing Day. This day was created to remind everyone that our hearing is vital and it should be protected. Hopefully you abided by the courtesy 60:60 rule, meaning that you listened to your music at 60% of the capacity and you listened for 60 minutes less than you usually do. If you didn’t participate in Save Your Hearing Day, or was not aware, here are five tips for you to protect your ears everyday.

  • First, you should avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises. Venues such as a concert, a gun range, a NASCAR race, or a club/bar usually play loud music that is very harmful to your ears. Try your best to limit your contact with these places. Simply walking away for a few minutes to give your ears a break is more beneficial than you may think.
  • If you cannot avoid the loud noises, use earplugs. Earplugs are really cheap and are available at almost any grocery store. Spending a little money for a large benefit is always a plus!
  • Noise-cancelling headphones are also an option to reduce the amount of harmful noises that reach your ears. These headphones are great at cancelling out ambient, or surrounding, noise. Although these are far more expensive than earplugs, they are still a great option to save your ears!
  • Lower the volume once in awhile. This doesn’t apply only to music, be but even the volume on your iPhone, TV, car stereo, and many other electronics. Besides, music can sometimes sound distorted and unrecognizable when played at loud levels.
  • Lastly, everyone should have regular hearing checkups. It is better to  aware of your hearing status before it is too late. Even if you think your hearing isn’t damaged, the confirmation from a professional is always reassuring.

There are many other ways that you can protect your hearing, but these five tips are a great start. Don’t limit your protection of hearing to one day. Treat every day like it is Save Your Hearing Day!

[Images courtesy of Sport and Life & Days of the Year]


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