Hearing Device Innovation – The Lyric Hearing Aid

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There’s an epidemic that’s on the rise. No, we’re not talking about hearing loss. We’re talking about something that’s even more crippling known as hearing loss stigma. You see, it’s a well-known fact that 38 million Americans suffers from hearing loss that is classified as disabling. But beyond these numbers, there are an estimated 15 million citizens that avoid seeking help for their hearing impairment! If that’s not shocking enough, consider that the average person waits approximately 7 years before searching for hearing help.

So, why not just seek the care that they require? To begin with, some hearing loss procedures, like cochlear implants, require surgery, which can be off-putting for many. Others worry that hearing devices are too high-maintenance, requiring extra steps in the rain or at bedtime, amongst other cases. Not to mention, many people fear that wearing a hearing aid isn’t visually appealing and will lead to awkward stares. As a result, they simply choose to ignore their impairment. But now, they won’t have to, thanks to an innovative new hearing device.

Hearing loss stigma…meet the Lyric hearing aid! Built by a team of board certified audiologists, physicians and engineers, the Lyric focuses on 3 simple philosophies to match its simple design.  

Superior Hearing Quality
The Lyric hearing aid utilizes the natural anatomy of your ear to provide a better hearing experience. The device is placed deep in the ear canal to direct sounds through the aid, which, in turn amplifies the incoming sounds to the eardrum. In fact, the makeup of the device is so advanced that it helps improve directionality and localization, allowing users to be able to better determine where sounds originate. Aside from that, the Lyric is customizable with the different types of hearing and even has a programmable sound system that makes it work seamlessly at theaters, concerts and with headphones. Still not convinced? Consider that 86% of Lyric users agree that the sound quality feels completely natural!

Completely Invisible
One of the most appealing benefits of the Lyric hearing aid is that it is entirely invisible. By being placed deep in the ear canal, no one will have the slightest clue that you’re wearing some of the most advanced hearing technology. Gone are the days of having to worry that people will treat you differently or stare because of your hearing device.

No Hassle
The Lyric has made it possible to completely streamline the process of receiving a hearing aid. From start to finish, the Lyric is so effortless that you’ll barely know it’s there. Using its innovative biocompatible soft foam seals, the device easily forms to fit your ear and requires no surgery whatsoever! The design also protects against the buildup of moisture and earwax. More importantly, your device can be worn at all hours of the day! That’s 24 hours, 7 days a week and for months at a time because of it’s sophisticated battery technology. You’ll no longer have to worry about hearing loss affecting your daily life since the Lyric can be used while showering, sleeping and even while exercising.

At New Generation Hearing Center, we’re pleased to announce that we now carry the Lyric hearing aid. Tackle your hearing loss and make an appointment today!

Lyric Hearing Aid[Image courtesy of Lyric Hearing]


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