Mobile Phone Update – Hearing Aid Capable

Posted on April 10, 2015. Filed under: hearing education, hearing health, hearing loss, hearing products |

Nowadays, everyone is constantly connected. Whether it’s through their mobile phone, their tablet or, now, even their watch, constantly being online has become a very standard way of life for many of us. As technology continues to become more advanced, it also begins to become more integrated with society and mold itself to fit our needs. It’s taken us a long time to adapt to mobile devices and wearables, but now it seems like they’re beginning to adapt to us (as it turns out, even those of us with hearing loss)!

Hearing devices, such as the ConnectLine, and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad have now been designed to work seamlessly together by using the same wireless connections to deliver superb sound quality when it comes to using these devices in conjunction to one another. This allows for wireless technology and hearing aids to easily communicate with each other and provide a much simpler, means of staying connected!

The new technology is turning out to be very popular too! Especially since hearing device manufactures are beginning to catch on to the trend! For example, Oticon has designed a lineup of products that allows users to not only wirelessly connect with mobile phones, but also televisions, landlines and other streaming sources!=

Some may be wondering, are all these “upgrades” really necessary? Well, not quite. But it does have many upsides! After all, no two hearing-impaired people are alike, so having a range of products to choose from that are tailored to your life can prove to be helpful. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Streaming music from these connected devices
  • Companion apps that make it easy to interact with device
  • Easy device customization through the associated app
  • Some connected devices even track where your hearing device is

connectline hearing aid


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