The Unheard Truth: Hearing Loss Myths and Facts

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Hearing loss is one of the most commonly occurring issues that plagues millions across the world. Coming to terms with the troubles associated with hearing loss can be tough, especially when there’s so much information out there that can be easily misconstrued. They say information is power, but this is one of those cases where too much information can actually be a bad thing. Consider that an estimated 50 million Americans have hearing loss in at least one ear. And that’s just America alone, but even more alarming is the fact that depression and social isolation becomes extremely common for those who begin to exhibit signs of hearing loss.

So what’s the best way to get informed about hearing loss? Start by separating fact from fiction:

Myth: “I’m too young to have hearing loss.”

Fact: No matter what your age may be, hearing loss is a commonly occurring factor. Granted, it is quite common amongst older adults, but consider that every 30 out of 1,000 school children exhibit signs of hearing loss! Given the alarming rise of technology for current generations, it’s not uncommon for children, teenagers and even adults to spend the majority of their day with headphones attached to their ears, blasting music from start to finish. On account of factors like this, hearing loss has been on the rise in younger generations and shows no signs of slowing down.


Myth: “My regular doctor would have been able to detect that I have hearing loss.”

Fact: Think back to your last couple routine doctor visits. Do you recall your doctor giving you an in-depth screening test to test the effectiveness of your hearing? Probably not. In fact, only a reported 15% of physicians reported that they regularly screen their patients for signs of hearing loss. Not to mention, many regular doctors simply do not receive the specialized training that is needed in order to diagnose and treat hearing loss. Which is why if you suspect you are exhibiting signs of hearing loss, visiting an audiologist is more vital than ever.


Myth: “Tinnitus is a disease”

Fact: Tinnitus is a hearing issue that is very disruptive to the average person’s daily life. But it stands to reason that Tinnitus is more so a condition, rather than an occurring disease. Usually Tinnitus is a sign of an underlying problem and is associated with hearing loss. In fact, 90% of those that experience tinnitus also exhibit signs of hearing loss alongside. Usually, it is the first sign of hearing loss occurring. In addition, tinnitus is very commonly occurring with an approximated 25 million to 50 million experiencing this condition. Even more alarming, only an estimated 16 million actively seek help.

hearing loss myths

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