Hearing Health: Make it Your New Years Resolution

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“New Years, New You…” We bet you’re tired of hearing THAT one and we definitely don’t blame you. Each New Year people across the globe vow to establish a goal and stick to it, no matter what the cost. When you think about the different ambitions we set for ourselves each year, usually it revolves around healthier choices to better ourselves. But whether you’re taking advantage of the promising beginning of 2015 or simply working on improving yourself, factoring your hearing health into your New Years resolution will undoubtedly prove to better your overall quality of life!

When you take into account the different ways that you can pose a risk to your hearing, it may become evidently clear that some of those common New Years resolutions may tie in to your hearing loss goals, as well. For example, committing to an active lifestyle could help shed those extra pounds and even reduce the chance of obesity and diabetes. But beyond that, hitting the gym more often can increase circulation in the body and help reduce your risk of developing hearing loss too! If you already take part in a healthy lifestyle, then simply limiting your exposure to loud sounds in 2015 could provide great benefits! Whether you’re going to concerts less or using hearing protection more often, your eyes will surely thank you in the long run!

One major New Years resolution we frequently hear is to kick the habit of smoking. When you take into account the fact that 42.1 million American adults smoke and approximately 16 million have developed a disease because of the habit, it should come at no surprise. By successfully cutting out cigarettes from your life, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. After all, it’s no mystery that smoking can lead to many adverse side effects like heightened cancer risk and even heart disease. But less commonly known is that the chemicals that are released throughout the bloodstream can eventually build up and cause hearing loss! In fact, research suggests that smokers are 15.1% more likely to develop hearing loss compared to those that don’t partake in the habit. Yikes!

So where do you begin with your healthy hearing New Years resolution? Well, with a hearing test of course! That is, if you are currently experiencing hearing loss as a result of your lifestyle. However, if you’re simply working on improving your physical health, there’s a few simple ways to get started on making sure that you’re all set for 2015. To begin, try an all-natural approach for your hearing by using herbs like ginkgo biloba or avoiding metals in food like mercury. In any case, try incorporating more foods that are proven to be great for hearing health in the upcoming year, such as zinc, which can be found in eggs, nuts and pumpkin seeds. You could even try to increase your intake in vital vitamins like vitamin A, and Omega-3 fatty acids among others.

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