Protecting Your Hearing From the Cold Weather

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Is it just us or is it getting a bit chilly here in the once warm South Florida? That can only mean one thing…that winter is quickly approaching, especially since we’re even feeling it down here in Miami! But while the temperatures may be steadily dropping and the Florida weather is becoming a little more bearable, necessary precautions need to be exercised in order to protect our overall hearing health from the cold weather. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

Granted, the cold weather may not get below freezing temperatures this far south…at least not in this lifetime, but it can still pose certain harmful effects on hearing aid users. It’s no mystery that weather changes can affect hearing and even trigger tinnitus but cold weather seems to be disregarded. Usually colder weather means more moisture, but you’re probably thinking that moisture is really easy to detect and remedy. But what many people fail to forget is that when the cold weather begins to set in, we overlook the fact that we still perspire because sweat is usually associated with something we’re all to familiar with: heat.

Condensation usually takes place when the temperatures change and moisture can set itself into the hearing aid and damage it. Research suggests that temperature changes not only affect your hearing aid, but the batteries also. It doesn’t even have to be snowing or raining for this to possibly occur. Consider for a moment when the weather becomes cold and we all cozily bundle up with several layers. As soon as we reach our stopping point, which is usually indoors, we remove some of those articles of clothing and the dramatic temperature drop can result in condensation.

Some of the most common signs of moisture damage to your hearing aid include your device cutting out during loud noises, hearing static and even your hearing aid turning completely off and on. You’re probably wondering how to best protect your investment in a hearing aid. Well, we’ve got the answer! One of the most important tips to protect your hearing aid from the cold weather is to get stylish and use earmuffs to add an extra layer of protection for your hearing aid. In addition, after extended hearing aid use in cold weather, inspect the battery compartment to make sure it is completely free of moisture.

At the very least, cold weather usually indicates one happy thing: the holidays! Be sure to bundle up and enjoy the happiest season of them all!

Cold weather

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