Food For Your Hearing Health

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It’s no mystery that your hearing health is connected with both physical and mental aspects of the human body. So wouldn’t it only make sense that taking care of your overall health can not only lead to a better lifestyle as a whole, but can be a preventative method to hearing loss? Various types of food have been linked to affecting our memory, metabolism, longevity, and now, our hearing! As understanding of hearing loss continues to become more widespread, certain findings have been surfacing which are proving to help hearing health.

Several distinctive vitamins have been found in foods that are able to reduce the occurrence of hearing loss. For example, antioxidants and folic acids can help with hearing health, these can be found in foods like spinach, broccoli and eggs. Researchers say that these foods can help reduce damaging factors present in the body that hurt nerve tissue within the ears. Other vitamins like omega 3 fats, magnesium and zinc have also been tied to beneficially affecting hearing.

The list of food for healthy hearing doesn’t end just there! Alpha lipoic acid can be found in small traces of foods that can support the overall functions of the nervous system and generate mitochondria within hair cells found inside the ear. Magnesium is another that improves bodily functions by helping to naturally combat stress, reduce tinnitus and ease hearing sensitivities. Including these types of food or vitamins in your daily diet could help to kick start your healthy habits and promote improved wellbeing.

Studies have suggested that several types of foods have direct links to health hearing, as opposed to just general vitamin intake. The health benefits of eating fish has been studied for years, the beneficial nutrients have been linked to enriching the human heart and more recently, improving hearing! Research suggests that eating at least two servings a week can help delay or even prevent hearing loss! Even more so, drinking coffee or having higher levels of caffeine consumption can reduce the onset of tinnitus in people! At the end of the day, maintaining a balanced diet can provide nutrients that ensure a healthy lifestyle, which extends to every inch of the human body, but if you feel that you are experiencing the effects of hearing loss, it’s crucial to see a hearing professional immediately.

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