Smartphones and Hearing Aids Slowly Merging

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Right now, at least 91% of all people on planet earth have a mobile phone. Even more shocking, half of the human population owns a smartphone. These numbers indicate something far greater than mere, well, numbers. Essentially, smartphones are becoming a widespread phenomenon and will begin to individually adapt to everyone’s personal lifestyle, no matter what that may be. Mobile phones are not a new invention, they’ve been around for quite some time and in this day and age, it seems a large majority of smartphone users are permanently attached to theirs. As a result, companies are looking to expand their products and make them fit consumers so specifically, that they’ll never be able to go back. All implementations are a little bit different from each other, but what they all share in common is that they were specifically tailor for a certain target audience. Take for example this phone case that lights up to allow the perfect selfie to be taken, or on the other end of things, consider that most smartphones are being integrated with hearing aids!

It seems to be a niche market, that’s for sure. But it’s one that is revolutionizing the lives of millions and making the hearing loss discussion one that is far more common, as it should be. There are apps that have been created for the smartphone in order to give a hearing test at the convenience of the user. Not to mention, it allows them to be able to put themselves in the shoes of others who are hard of hearing and experience how they hear. Even more so, hearing aid models are being entirely integrated with smartphones in order to be controlled entirely via phone.

As the trickle down effect runs it course, mobile devices will continue to evolve to reach all kinds of individuals, as it has already proven to do so. For example, there are already a number of applications on the app store that are available for those who are experiencing hearing loss and more are sure to follow suit. The most notable app for smartphones, however, is one that translates sound from people and converts it to a text form, allowing hard of hearing users to seamlessly communicate.

The growth and relevance of smartphones show absolutely no sign whatsoever of slowing down and it appears that children are even joining the craze at a younger and younger age! But what this means is that there will be more specialized markets in order to cater to those who have different needs. More importantly, the integration of smartphones and hearing aids is proving to help remove a great deal of hearing aid stigma. By joining forces with one of the most prevalent devices of our time, hearing aid stigma could soon be a thing of the past and allow for more people to speak freely and seek the help they need.



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