Protecting Your Hearing Aid From the Weather  

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Protecting your hearing is a mission in itself. But protecting your hearing aid is an entirely different ballgame. There are many different factors that can potentially harm the effectiveness of your hearing device and in some cases maybe even render it useless, especially living in South Florida areas like Miami Beach, Brickell, or even Aventura. Miami’s weather makes hearing aid performance a tricky subject with the dominance of some of the hottest temperatures in the United States. But in order to prevent any potential issues, you have to know what could cause them! We’re here to get the facts straight and keep your hearing aid working well in any Florida condition!

Weather in Miami ranges from moderate to extremely hot…or sporadically raining. Which is why it’s important to keep your hearing aid clear of any moisture whatsoever, unless it is water-resistant (keep in mind, water-resistant and waterproof are NOT synonymous). Rain can easily damage your hearing aid, so be mindful of weather conditions. Not to mention, moisture damage can also occur because of from the heat causing perspiration. A good idea is to keep a dry cloth with you in order to wick away any moisture that may occur on hearing aids because of sweat.

Avoiding the beach is tough for anyone that lives mere minutes away from it, especially in the summertime. But it’s pretty much always summertime in South Florida, which is why it’s vital to keep watch on the sunscreen if you’re a hearing aid user. Granted, it will protect you from harmful UV rays, but be extra careful when applying because most sunscreens contain specific oils that can damage your hearing aid.

The last tip is a given, but all too relevant for Miamians: excessive heat and cold can damage your hearing device. Now, we all know that it rarely ever gets cold here and when it does it barely lasts through the entire day. However, it is a possibility and can have a major effect! Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that moisture cannot occur, especially from sweat, so keep an eye on your device to ensure no build-up is happening. Also, if necessary, try to wear earmuffs to protect not only your ears, but also your hearing aid and keep your batteries dry.

Essentially, there are a number of different weather patterns that can have damaging effects on a hearing aid. While it goes without saying that we have no control over the weather, it’s important to know what might cause problems in a hearing device and figure out what you can do to keep your hearing aid working properly!

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