Chiropractic Can Help Hearing Loss

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Chiropractic treatment has existed for quite some time and the benefits are immediately evident. But there has been some controversy as the treatments begin to expand into other fields and improve seemingly random parts of an individual’s health. Usually, a person will visit their chiropractor to help solve their back or neck pain woes, but eventually people could be visiting the chiropractor for much more…like hearing loss!

Some effects of chiropractic help are evident, like in the event of a misaligned spine. Some are a little unclear, though. But many people are visiting their chiropractor now for issues involving high blood pressure, digestion problems, and now hearing loss. There is a large amount of controversy surrounding the technique due to the fact that there is no real support that the treatment works. However, it’s by no means impossible. Reportedly, the first ever chiropractic adjustment was done not to tend to back aches or neck pain, but in order to aid a man’s hearing loss.

There have been a few studies, which revolve around the theory of chiropractors aiding the loss of hearing. The biggest supporting factor of the concept is that when an individual’s spine is corrected, their general health will improve as a result, which is the case with sinus problems for example. Other cases do exist when it comes to improved hearing because of the effects of chiropractic treatment, such as one patient who went in for routine treatment and ended up having her hearing loss substantially alleviated. Ultimately, the treatment itself is far too much of a mystery to be massively recommended as a way to combat hearing loss. However, the chiropractic technique is certainly raising a few eyebrows and more studies are bound to emerge and possibly support the theory.



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