Hearing Health Foundation Launches Public Service Campaign

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Non-profit Organization Mass-distributed ear plugs all over city

By: Miami hearing health center

Many individuals may know someone who suffers from hearing loss, or hearing damage. Although we try to understand what it must feel like, it can only be understood if it is experienced first-hand. A non-profit organization did just that. HearCare Connection, held a fundraiser called the “Silent Challenge” on a weekend, in which it allowed the public to experience what it is like to suffer from hearing loss.

Angelina Boungou, HearCare Connection executive director explained, “We are mass-distributing ear plugs all over the city to encourage people to wear the plugs for one hour or the whole day to understand what a mild hearing loss is like, so they can be, 1), more apt to protect their own hearing, and, 2), more understanding and supportive of those with hearing loss,”

Allowing individuals to experience hearing damage, will aid them to better understand the negative effects they can have on their daily lives. As Boungo states, “This awareness will also be a way to get the word out about how hearing loss affects children and learning abilities, and how it can attribute to dementia and other conditions, including daily interactions in work or meetings.” It will also help individuals appreciate the importance of getting the correct diagnosis from an audiologist, as well as how to properly use a hearing aid.


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