Tinnitus: Caused by Miami hearing damage

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Whenever my neighbors have a party at their house, I close all the windows to eliminate the noise. There are 50 million Americans, who suffer from constant noise or ringing ears and don’t have the option to just close a window to make it go away. This condition is called “Tinnitus”. In this article, I will go over some tips and information that might help you deal with Tinnitus.

Medical Researchers are making advances in finding out why this happens. Whenever we hear  a sound, a vibration is sent to the part of the ear containing tiny hair cells. These hair cells in turn, send electric signals to the brain that help translate the vibrations into a sound. Sometimes these little hair cells  are damaged and they continuously send bursts of electricity to the brain when there are no noises causing vibrations. The causes for this condition are many and include high blood pressure to diabetes, from earwax to an ear infection etc.

If you suffer from tinnitus it’s always good to check your blood pressure. High blood pressure can not only cause this but it could also affect your heart. You should also avoid high levels of sodium. If you suffer from high blood pressure, become conscious of the levels of sodium in your diet.

Some ways to prevent tinnitus include reducing the noise  you expose your ears to and avoid listening to very loud music. The continuous exposure of loud music to your ears can not only worsen the condition but also result in hearing loss.

There are also Miami hearing  aids that generate a pleasant sound that will help masque the annoying ringing in the ears caused by tinnitus. In the end, always consult your local audiologist such as Dr. Joseph Duran or visit your Miami hearing center, which will guide you on more tips that will help you deal with or prevent Tinnitus.


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