Getting Used To a Hearing Aid

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A person suffering from hearing loss may require the help of a hearing aid to better cope with the condition.

As the Phonak website explains, it is important to be patient and realize that getting used to a hearing aid takes time. You must gain the necessary experience to be able to take advantage of the unit. The adjustment process begins slowly, using the hearing aid for a couple of hours and gradually increasing the duration as you begin to familiarize yourself with the unit.

There are four exercises provided by Phonak, which will help in the adjustment process. The first one deals with listening to your own voice, and the sounds around you. Making sure to distinguish them between the familiar sounds and the sounds that seem strange. The second exercise deals with following a conversation. Begin by talking with an acquaintance on the phone, then talking with a person in a quiet environment, and finally watching TV in quiet surroundings.

The third and fourth exercises deal with tolerating loud noises and focusing your hearing. In the third exercise try to have a conversation in a loud environment; the fourth exercise deals with staying focused and becoming an alert listener. In the end, it’s all about practice and getting used to a hearing aid.

In conclusion, it is important to visit an audiologist, such as Dr. Joseph Duran, who will help better diagnose the level of loss of hearing and choose the right equipment that will greatly improve your quality of life.


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