Jean-Claude Van Damme and Hearing Health

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Jean-Claude Van Damme is a famous movie star known for his martial arts action movies, such as Bloodsport, Double Impact, Universal Soldier, among others. He has recently been diagnosed with High-frequency hearing loss. This condition could be the result of years of exposure to constant loud noise during his action films.

 As his audiologist explained, “There is a difference in hearing in high frequencies between both sides (of his ears), which means if many people are talking together in a group, it’s quite difficult for you to understand someone speaking. You hear, but you can’t understand.”

The audiologist went on to say, “That’s the problem when there’s a high-frequency hearing loss. What you can do is not make it worse, so use ear protection when you go out (and shoot) movies.” It was recommended the actor wear protective ear wear to help him with his hearing.

This type of hearing damage can affect a person’s quality of life. If you or someone you know may suffer from this condition. Do not hesitate to contact your local New Generation Miami Hearing Center, where an audiologist will be able to not only diagnose but also help treat the condition.


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