What Information Will You Learn During Hearing Rehabilitation?

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In a previous article we discussed how a person could undergo Hearing Rehabilitation to better understand their hearing loss. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) explains how this treatment helps not only individuals with hearing health problems, but also their families, who are then able to understand how this condition affects their relative’s quality of life.

During Hearing Rehabilitation, a lot of information is covered in regards to how a person can live a better life after being diagnosed. Some of the material deals with how to manage hearing aids and other hearing assistive devices.  Knowing how to use it properly will play an important part in its ability to help a person hear better.

Hearing Rehabilitation also talks about ways to improve speech, as well as keeping voice sound to the right level. Another topic covered is using visual clues to help discern what people are saying.  Learning to read body language, as well as taking into consideration the context and the environment in which communication is taking place is important.

ASHA provides a list of other topics discussed during the rehabilitation process such as “managing communication, dealing with background noise outside the home, handling conversation, hearing assistive devices, rearranging your home,” among others.

If you would like to find out more about Hearing Rehabilitation or other ways in which you can improve your hearing through the use of hearing aids, do not hesitate to contact your local Miami hearing center.


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