Folic Acid May Slow Hearing Loss

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In a previous article we discussed how a variety of nutrients may help prevent loss of hearing. In this article we will talk about Folic Acid, which is also known as Folate. A Folic acid deficiency may lead to heart disease and stroke.

A Dutch study done over three years with 728 individuals from ages of 50 to 70, showed that a deficiency in folic acid, resulted in high blood levels of homocysteine. In the study half the group was given folic acid supplements whereas the other half was given a placebo pill.

The results of the study showed that those who received a folic acid supplement showed less low-frequency hearing loss than those who took placebo pills.

In an article published by WebMd, Robert A. Dobie, MD, of the University of California, stated “If this [hearing] benefit applies to the entire population (a big ‘if’) and continues to accrue each year (another big ‘if’), one might expect a 5-decibel reduction in age-related [hearing loss] over a 20-year period,” Dobie calculates.

The results of this would result in a lesser chance of individuals having to use hearing aids. For more information on the benefits of good nutrition on your hearing health, as well as hearing loss diagnosis, visit your local Miami hearing center.


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