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In this article we will go over Otosclerosis, a condition that occurs when there is abnormal bone growth in the middle ear, which results in loss of hearing.

According to the National Center of Biotechnology (NCBT), what causes this condition is currently unknown. There is a belief that it might pass down through families. NCBT explains, “People who have Otosclerosis have an abnormal sponge-like bone growing in the middle ear. This growth prevents the ear from vibrating in response to sound waves. Such vibrations are needed in order for you to hear.”

The symptoms of this condition include hearing loss, which gradually gets worse. Ringing of the ears (Tinnitus) may also result from Otosclerosis. It is important to visit your local Audiologist, such as Dr. Joseph Duran, who will give you a hearing test, and determine the level of hearing loss that occurred due to this disease.

The National Center of Biotechnology states, that the treatment of this condition may only be given until there are severe hearing problems.  A hearing aid may be used to help improve your hearing. Surgery can also be an option, as explained by the NCBT “Surgery to remove part of the ear (stapes) and replace it with a prosthesis can cure conductive hearing loss.”

For more information contact your local New Generation Miami hearing center.


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