How Loud is your City?

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In previous articles we have discussed how hearing loss can occur due to constant exposure to loud noise, the resulting hearing damage is known as noise induced hearing loss or NIHL.

The Hear the World website, has come up with a way to help you know what parts of your city are the loudest, as well as the quiet places to relax.  As of right now, the cities include New York, Atlanta, London and Berlin.

The map is labeled with the following dots and colors: red for loud places, green for quiet places, gray when there is no audio example and blue to show a group in the map.

Once you check information in your city, you can zoom in and click on the red, green, blue or gray dots. The following graphic shows you what would happen when you click on one of the red dots. As you can see it shows you the level of noise found in that location and whether or not you require some type of ear protection. It also gives you an example of the noise, which you can hear when you click the Play/Pause button.

This is a very helpful tool, since it will allow you to prepare and protect your hearing health. For more information on more ways to protect your hearing, do not hesitate to contact your local Audiologist such as Dr. Joseph Duran.



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