Suffer from Hearing Loss? Tips to Follow When Traveling

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It’s the holiday season, and many Americans prepare to travel to spend time with their loved ones. As the airports become more and more crowded, individuals suffering from loss of hearing might have a hard time coping.

New Generation Miami Hearing Center will go over the tips given by the Transportation Security Administration that will help you make your traveling less stressful. These include:

1. If you need to speak with a Security Officer and suffer from hearing loss, explain this to the Security Office as well as the best way in which he/she can communicate with you. According to the TSA  “Security Officers are trained to provide whatever assistance they can to persons with hearing disabilities.”

2. Explain to the Security Officer if you need him/ her to face you so you are able to read his/her lips as to understand better. You may also ask for the instructions to be written down if that would be better for you.

3. You do not need to remove hearing aids at security checkpoints.

4. Wear your hearing aids when going through the metal detector.

5. Your Hearing aid won’t be affected by X-ray inspection or walk-through metal detector screening. According to the TSA website “these devices may also safely be screened using Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT).”

6. If you have concerns about going through the screening you can also ask for a full-body pat down instead.

7. Assistive listening devices must undergo x-ray screening.


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