Secondhand Smoke and Hearing Loss

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In a previous article we discussed the connection between hearing loss and smoking. Different studies done over the years have proven that smoking can increase the chance of suffering from loss of hearing. Now a new study done by the University of Miami in conjunction with Florida International University has shown the relationship between hearing loss and secondhand smoke.

The study was recorded in the journal, “Tobacco Control,” which studied 3,000 US adults comparing their hearing health in regards to smoke-exposure. The volunteers were both ex-smokers and those who had never smoked. Each volunteer’s hearing was tested, measuring their hearing over low, medium and high noise frequencies.

Individuals who had secondhand smoke exposure were tested for cotinine which is found in the blood after being in contact with tobacco smoke. The results of these tests showed that exposure to second-hand smoke led to a greater chance of suffering from hearing damage.

According to Dr. David Fabry, who was the director of the research, “We really do not know exactly how much smoke you need to be exposed to in order to be at increased risk. But we do know that the threshold for damage is very low. Really, the safe level of exposure is no exposure.”

If you have been exposed to smoke and suspect you might be suffering from hearing loss, visit your local Miami hearing center for a hearing test to diagnose your level of hearing loss.



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