Care for your hearing health: Prevent Ear Infections

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Suffering from hearing loss can negatively affect your quality of life, as discussed in previous articles. It is important to care for your hearing health, and one of the many things you can do is prevent ear infections. These infections may lead to loss of hearing if left untreated.

According to an article by Discovery Health, children are usually the ones that suffer the most with Otitis Media (or middle ear infections). In the article we are given tips on how to take care of our hearing health and prevent hearing loss.

Avoid exposure to infections. Middle-ear infections usually happen when you catch a cold or other upper respiratory illness. If you suffer from allergies that might affect their respiratory tract, try to keep it on check.

Blow your nose correctly. When you need to blow your nose, do it softly and avoid extreme force, which can transfer the infection into the ears. When sneezing many people try to stifle the sneeze and pinch their nostrils, which may also transfer the infection into the ears.

Don’t smoke. In previous articles we discussed the connection between smoking and hearing loss. Smoking can also cause ear infections since according to Discovery Health; it “irritates the nasal passages and middle-ear cavity which in turn interferes with the normal functioning of the eustachian tube.”

Stay alert to the signs. If you suspect you or your child might suffer from an ear infection, visit your local Miami audiologist such as Dr. Joseph Duran to treat the infection as soon as possible. Signs include pain in the ear, ear stuffiness, and trouble with balance, fever, nausea, vomiting and fluid from the ear.



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