Itchy Ear: Hearing Health Concern

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Did you know that the regular or excessive usage of Q-tips to clean your ear could actually cause Otitis Externa Diffusa or Itching of the ear. An article found on the Hear the World magazine suggests removing earwax can actually destroy the natural antibacterial protection our ears have. There are many conditions, mild and severe, that may cause an itchy ear and affect ones hearing health. If left untreated these conditions lead to hearing damage and hearing loss.

Viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and allergic reactions can cause an itchy ear. External factors such as piercings, ear protectors and earphones can also have an impact since they destroy the natural antibacterial protection provided by the layer of earwax. Other causes include changes in the pH value due to hairsprays, shampoos, soaps which leads to irritation and swelling of the ear canal. Lastly, suffering from an itchy ear could be due to a compromised immune system or diabetes.

Due to the many causes of an itchy ear, it is recommended to visit your Miami Hearing Center and consult an Audiologist such as Dr. Duran. This expert can give you tips on how to prevent this condition, identify the cause and make sure it doesn’t escalate to something serious which may lead to hearing loss or deafness.


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