Placido Domingo Hearing Health Activist

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Hearing Health Embassador

Placido Domingo for Hear the World

Part of New Generations Miami Hearing Centers goal is to provide awareness of hearing health to Miami residents. That is why New Generation is part of  Hear the World a program by Phonak. Hear the World provides awareness of hearing education through news and events and their celebrity ambassadors.

One of the ambassadors  presented from Hear the World is Placido Domingo. Placido sees the importance of the initiative, and Dr. Duran of New Generation. “We were made aware of a problem that gets worse every day: people losing their sense of hearing.” Placido is more concerned with the youth today and their exposure to the increasing noise pollution that surrounds them, especially cities like Miami, “young people are affected, when they spend too much time at discos or with an iPod in their ears.”

Placido wants people to understand how careless they are being with their hearing “, I would certainly like to give people a wake-up call before it is too late.” People take for granted the ability to hear  and make changes to their hearing lifestyle when it is too late.

Placido Domingo, thankfully,  does not suffer from hearing loss himself however, he knows the importance of silence, “after practicing for five or six hours with the orchestra – my ears need to get some rest. It is very important to give them some silent periods.”

Hearing damage can be prevented as long the right precautions are taken. That is why celebrities like Placido Domingo work with Hear the world in the education of hearing health.

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