What’s in Your Hearing Aid? Miami, This is How Hearing Aids Work.

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An array of Phonak hearing products

As you know, hearing aids are wearable electronic devices that receive and amplify sounds, which in turn help the wearer receive aural information better. This begs the question: what exactly is inside of them, and how exactly do they work?

Hearing Aid Components:

  • Hearing aids have one or many microphones. The microphone receives sound and converts it to electrical impulses. More than one microphone collects sound from different areas.
  • An amplifier is used to increase the strength of the impulses.
  • The receiver transforms the electrical impulses back into sound waves and redirects them into the ear of the wearer.
  • A battery supplies the needed energy for this process.

Other Components:

  • A computer chip is found in modern programmable hearing aids.
  • Switches on the hearing aid turn the device on or off, allow for phone usage, or provide the ability to control volume.
  • Programs offer various sounds for a variety of listening environments. For example, one program may be for the telephone , another for conversations and a third for noisy situations. An aid can come with numerous programs and the wearer may manually change back and forth between different programs, while some aids switch automatically.

If you have any questions on how hearing aids work, or think you may need to look into a little hearing help for yourself or a loved one, then why not call South Florida’s hearing experts at New Generation Hearing Centers? Dr. Joseph Duran and his team of experts will do what it takes to get your hearing back on track- and best of all, the initial consultation is free!


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