Watching Your Weight Can Help Save Your Hearing

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As if there wasn’t enough reason to watch your weight, research suggests that unhealthy BMI may contribute to age-related hearing loss. In a clinical study conducted in seven countries with over 4,000 subjects, researchers found that occupational noise, smoking, and high BMI were all risk factors for age-related hearing impairment. Researchers found that there was a direct correlation between peoples’ BMI and hearing loss- the greater the BMI, the greater their likely hearing loss. This could perhaps be explained by the fact that smoking and obesity decrease the flow of blood to organs in the body. The resulting lack of oxygen added with the failure to remove toxic waste from the ear can cause permanent hearing damage.

Surprisingly enough, the study also found that moderate alcohol consumption actually improves prospects of healthy hearing, and seems to have a protective effect. Moderate consumption in this case means one glass of wine, beer, or spirit per week. It should be noted that the effects of heavy drinking were not studied.

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