Eating Healthy in South Miami can help Prevent Deafness

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No matter what may think, if you are in the presence of too much loud noise, you WILL eventually lose your hearing. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that South Miami is one of the loudest cities in the U.S especially highly constructed areas like Downtown Miami and Miami Airport. However, there are certain nutrients you can eat to help maintain your current state of hearing and prevent future deafness:

New Generation Hearing South Miami

-Magnesium: In a recently conducted study, 300 participants drank a magnesium-rich drink to supplement their daily diets. After two months, their ears stayed sharper than their counterparts, even though they all worked in a job that involved loud noises. Foods rich in magnesium include peanut butter, almonds, brown rice, and halibut; As far as Miami favorites go, plantains have a lot of Magnesium, and black beans are extremely high in Magnesium content.

-Folic Acid: In another major study, people who took 800mg of Folic Acid for 3 years stopped age-related hearing loss in its tracks. Foods rich in Folic Acid include enriched grains and cereals, dark green leafy vegetables, and strawberries. South Florida favorites rich in folate include orange juice and oranges, black beans, and avocadoes.

-Herbs: Ginkgo biloba, periwinkle (vinpocetine) and butcher’s broom can help hearing disorders by improving nerve function and blood supply, or protecting against drug or free-radical damage.

For more information on protecting your ears or to improve your hearing, including hearing aid information and information on checkups, visit your local Miami Hearing Center. It is important to get immediate assistance if you feel any problems hearing. One in five people visit their local audiologist for hearing problems and many people live with untreated hearing loss. Avoid the symptoms of hearing loss, such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness by visiting your local clinic.

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