Survey Shows Hearing Loss and Deafness Misconceptions Still Abound in Miami and Internationally

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According to a recent survey by Hear the World, which is an initiative for worldwide hearing health awareness, there are plenty of misconceptions still out there about hearing aid use. Hear the World surveyed 4,405 people between 14 and 65 years old in France, Germany, Italy , Switzerland, the UK, and the United States to come up with their results.

The results of the survey give an insight into exactly how much people misconceive hearing loss and hearing aid technology, especially if you know anything about how inconspicuous and adaptable modern hearing aid technology is (if you are a regular reader of New Generation Hearing Blog, then you probably do). We already know from a previous survey that only one in four people who require a hearing aid actually wear one, so it should come as no surprise that survey takers associated hearing aids with old age more than any other implement surveyed- including wheelchairs, glasses, crutches, and canes for the blind, and one of the top reasons for not wearing a hearing aid is that survey takers did not want to admit hearing loss in public.

Unfortunately for those who have misconceptions, the stigmas attached to hearing aid use are not just petty, but can be detrimental to one’s personal life. Research shows that hearing problems can create social and emotional barriers for individuals with hearing loss and their families. The Hear the World survey found that frustration, isolation, and fear were overwhelmingly the feelings that were most often associated with untreated hearing loss.

If you have not had your hearing checked recently, or if you think you may need a hearing aid, then you are long overdue for a visit to New Generation Hearing Centers. The pros at New Generation will work with you to test your hearing, and then find a solution for your hearing problem, if necessary. Call New Generation at (305) 551-7222 to set up your appointment today.


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