Are Broward’s Noisy streets contributing to your Hearing Loss?

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The ability to hear is an important quality of life issue that many of us take for granted. It is a common misunderstanding that people believe hearing loss only affects the elderly and are mere signs of aging. However, how you protect yourself now can change the way you hear in the future.  We will list some of the different ways in which you can suffer from hearing loss in order for you to avoid being one of the many Americans suffering from such a disease.

Workplace Noise and Hearing Loss

Many of us have jobs that expose our ears to damaging levels of sound. One way to protect yourself from such noise is to wear ear protection such as earplugs, ear cups or noise cancellation devices. Most manufacturing jobs are monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and require your employer to provide ear protection.

Ear buds

The demand for MP3 players as gone up substantially and continues to grow. Many people are exposed to high voltages of sound every time they listen to their MP3 player. Hearing loss is caused by long-term exposure to loud noise. Although you may not feel the effects immediately, the damage cumulates through the years and will eventually lead to hearing damage. Consider purchasing noise-cancelling headphones if you worried about outside noises interfering with your music.


Sure driving with the top down while cruising through Broward streets may seem fun at the time but little did you know that this could lead to hearing loss.  A current study done by British researchers indicates driving with the top down, over time, can lead to hearing loss. The sound of the wind, road noise and the noise generated by traffic (and the world) often exceeds 89 decibels (dB), the measurement of how loud sound is. Any sound over 85dBs can damage the hearing mechanism.

Diabetes Related Hearing Loss

Diabetes, when untreated, affects blood flow. The inner ear depends on health blood flow and when reduced, hearing loss can occur. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you already know the routine. Eat a better, healthier diet, keep your weight down and test your glucose levels following doctor’s orders. Have your hearing and vision checked annually by your local audiologist, as both can be affected by diabetes.


The cochlea, a critical part of the human hearing system, requires a lot of oxygenated blood flow. Smoking tobacco restricts blood flow (and causes like a million other bad things to take place throughout the body) so each time you light up, you deny the cochlea the oxygen-rich blood they require. With each cigarette, you damage your hearing just a little bit, but over time, that damage is cumulative. You’re causing hearing loss for your nicotine fix.



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