How to Overcome Hearing Loss and Deafness in Miami

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From Danielle Karth,
Hearing loss and deafness
Hearing loss and deafness occur for many reasons. Some are preventable and others are not. The lines between the hard of hearing and the deaf are often blurred due to the Deaf cultures view of deafness. Often times someone may be medically diagnosed hard of hearing and consider himself deaf, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a reason for this “disability” (using that word for the sake of not having a better one since many Deaf don’t consider themselves disabled) was caused by something.

Prenatal causes of hearing loss and deafness

It is estimated that between 7 and 20 percent of Deaf and hard of hearing people have hearing issues prenatally. They are caused from viral diseases (such as rubella and German Measles), cytomegalovirus (a member of the herpes family), cerebral palsy, loss of oxygen during birth, mumps, the flu, certain medications, alcohol, and drug consumption. Many of these issues are things that can be prevented by the mother and her doctor. You can get a immunization shot for many viral infections, avoiding alcohol, drugs that aren’t prescribed, and having a competent doctor can all lower the risk of hearing (as well as other developmental issues) problems.

Childhood causes of hearing loss and Deafness

If left untreated ear infections can cause hearing loss and other hearing problems. Other disease issues that have often caused deafness and or hearing loss include meningitis, scarlet fever, chicken pox, enciphalitis, mumps, and measles. Many of these diseases are not common in the United States and there are immunizations for many of them as well.

Inherited causes of deafness

A large percentage of hearing loss that occurs in young children and infants are inherited ones. There are over a hundred and fifty different inherited causes for hard of hearing and deafness. However one of the largest ones is autosomal recessive inheritance which is a recessive gene (meaning the parent has normal hearing). When both parents have it they have a one in four chance of passing deafness to their child. Often parents don’t know that they have it till after they have a deaf child born and are tested for it.

Hearing loss later in life

Presbycusis is the leading cause of hearing loss in adults. This is simply due to the natural aging process. Growing older causes changes in the hair cells within the cochlea causing hearing loss.

Earwax can cause hearing loss, but it must be built up overtime. There are also some ear diseases that can cause adult hearing loss including, but not limited to: mastoiditis, auditory neuritis, labyrinthitis, and otosclerosis. Additionally hearing loss can happen with injury to the brain or ear itself.

Drug-Induced Hearing Loss

There is a list of drugs that can affect hearing, these include certain antibiotics, drugs derived from quinine, aspirin, and slicylates, loop diuretics (drugs to prevent water retention), and some anti-cancer drugs. These drug induced hearing losses can affect anyone at any age, but the young are particularly susceptible to them.

Hearing loss can happen for a variety of reasons and at a variety of ages.

Dr. Joseph K Duran from New Generation Hearing Centers specializes in Audiology and has been practicing hearing loss from a young age. If you feel the need to schedule an appointment with a professional physician, contact Dr. Duran at 305-551-7222 or visit them online at


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