Need Quality Hearing Aids in Miami?

Posted on September 11, 2009. Filed under: Hearing Aid Reviews |

When someone suffers from hearing loss, it is important for them to get quality professional attention. There are several steps one must take before they can feel and hear the results of their hearing aid. First and foremost, having a professional doctor diagnose the cause of your hearing loss is critical. Dr. Joseph K. Duran is one of the few specialized Audiologists in Miami. Once your Doctor has diagnosed the cause of your hearing loss, you must get your hearing tested. Once your hearing is tested, you must get the right hearing aid for you.  At New Generation Hearing Center in Miami, Dr. Joseph Duran offers his patients more options due to the transition to digital technology. There are four technology levels; Economy, Basic, Enhanced and Advanced. Each level offers digital hearing solutions based on your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and budget. Make sure to get your hearing aid fitted properly by your doctor. It is important that you feel comfortable wearing your hearing since you will be testing it out in real life situations.
The mistake many people with hearing damage make is that they think just wearing the hearing aid will solve their problem. Although the hearing aid guides you through the process of better hearing, you must practice and keep practicing in order to get the most out of your hearing device. It is important to note that a hearing aid will help but will not restore your normal hearing. Patients should then follow up with their doctor to make sure that they are properly using their hearing aid as well as ask their doctors any questions or concerns they might have.
If you live in the Miami area and suffer from hearing loss, you should consider contacting Dr. Joseph K. Duran at New Generation Hearing Centers. Before receiving a doctorate degree in Audiology at the University of South Florida, Joseph Duran started his work with hearing loss and hearing aids at a very young age at Caribe Hearing Aids in Miami. Dr. Duran is a professional and experienced doctor that can help you with  your needs. For more information on Dr. Duran or the New Generation Hearing Centers call 305-551-7222 or visit them online at


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