Innovations In Hearing / Top 3 Hearing Aid Devices of 2017

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Technology is evolving at an incredible fast pace in every aspect of the human experience. From science to entertainment, there’s always a new solution to people’s problems. The fact is that things such as food printing, tablet computing, or using a universal translator were only to be found in books and TV shows three or four decades ago. Nowadays, they are as real as your morning coffee.

Hearing aid tech is no exception. Today, hearing aids can be so small that they are nearly invisible. They have environment recognition capabilities, Bluetooth connection, and many other features that were unimaginable years ago.

Every year there is a new and exciting device that comes to make your life easier and more enjoyable. That is why we are pleased to present to you the top 3 hearing innovations of 2017.

Signia’s Silk Primax

This ITC (in the canal) hearing device consists of two parts; a soft silicone click sleeve that comes into contact with the ear canal and the actual hearing module. It is designed from the outside in for a perfect fit inside everybody’s ear, without ear molds or models.

It focuses on the speaker in front of the user while reducing background noises, and it ensures ventilation to the ear which enhances wearing and listening comfort. However, the beauty of this innovation lies in its small size, which grants maximum discretion to the user without compromising quality.



Unitron’s Moxi Now

Not everyone can use ITC devices because of the size of their ear canal or the shape of their ear. That’s why they opt for RIC (receiver in canal) hearing aids such as Unitron’s new development.

It identifies and carries out a smooth transition across environments, and it has a specialized filter to enhance music enjoyment. However, as with Signia’s product, the key element of this device is its size. Why? Well, RIC devices can be bigger than ITC, which is a big concern for some users. Moxi Now solves this problem by bringing the smallest wireless RIC hearing aid in the world.

Oticon’s Opn

This RIC device is the crown jewel of the year. The reason for this is Oticon’s approach when creating a new product, which is to consider hearing as a process that takes place in your brain rather than in your ear. The fact is that the less you hear the harder your brain has to work.

Opn is the first hearing device proven to ease the brain’s load and stress. The secret lies in its ultra-high processing performance with the “capacity to handle 1,200 million operations per second” and its “revolutionary TwinLink communication system”.

It is perfect for group settings because it doesn’t cancel background noise in the same fashion that other hearing devices do, i.e., by focusing on only one speaker at the time and having one-to-one conversations. Opn still cancels all background noise but it focuses on group speech, which means that the wearer can listen to everyone around them.

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, it transmits binaural data at streaming speed, giving users accurate spatial information to find out where sounds come from. It allows you to connect to your smart phone, listen to music or your TV directly through your hearing aid, and it has its own App to give you the opportunity to adjust volume, switch programs and do so much more!

If you feel like you are experiencing some form of hearing loss or you would like to know more about these hearing aid devices, contact Dr. Joseph K. Durán at New Generation Hearing Centers today.


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